Project Management Support Services

We provide a full range of services required to plan and successfully deliver projects to federal, state and local government agencies.


We provide best-in-class Project Management Consultancy services to our clients. We support them to achieve their business targets for cost, schedule and quality, as well as safety and environmental requirements.

We have experience working with clients whose project teams include members from multiple organizations, multiple locations, and multiple geographic regions. Our experience includes working with multiple project leaders, multiple project sponsors, and multiple business entities.

Every project is unique and has its own special requirements, goals and priorities. No two projects can be implemented according to the same template. We provide project management and administrative support for projects of all sizes and complexities ranging from integrated multi-skilled teams to the appointment of single project managers.


Our project and contract managers provide project control, start to finish, in order to adhere to budgets and schedule. Our services include:

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Viscera Energy Ltd Is an Energy Operations & Maintenance Limited aimed at providing engineering & manufacturing solutions  or critical & severe service applications within the industries


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