Pipeline Engineering & Designs

Viscera Energy provides integrated pipeline engineering and consulting services for the oil and gas market.

Pipeline Engineering

Pipelines and their associated pipe fittings are an essential component of any plant design. No matter how large the individual plant or factory is, it usually contains pipes to transport fluids. Whether the pipes contain gases, liquids or compressed air, or are for live steam lines in power stations or distribution lines in the chemical industry, these pipes must be accurately designed, fabricated, installed and inspected, especially in the case of large systems.

Power generation, steel production, pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, food and pharmaceutical, are just some of the industries that fundamentally rely on piping systems. They all benefit from integrated design for industrial pipeline construction. It facilitates the design, fabrication and construction of complete pipeline systems in all industry sectors.

Process design, plant design and pipeline design are all steps in the design process for industrial pipeline construction. Whether the project is for a new plant, or for the extension, modernization or maintenance of an existing plant, extensive detailed engineering design is the foundation for professional pipeline construction.


Using knowledge, expertise, and technology, we offer clients a comprehensive solution including facilities design, project management, program management, GIS, inspection & commissioning. Our fit-for-purpose approach improves performance and reduces risk across the project lifecycle – safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Our years of experience and proven expertise working with pipelines means we are able to tackle and resolve the toughest industry challenges. Support activities include:

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Viscera Energy Ltd Is an Energy Operations & Maintenance Limited aimed at providing engineering & manufacturing solutions  or critical & severe service applications within the industries.


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